BSAC Spring Conference 2021

Stewarding the AMR agenda through the lenses of prevention, diagnosis and treatment
- Held 29-30 April 2021 - REGISTER NOW to access the recorded conference

This conference is CPD accredited and will be available until 27 October 2021.

Dr Sheldon Stone

Although a geriatrician and stroke physician someone gave me an MRSA isolation ward to run in 1995, since when I acquired an interest in HCAI especially hand-hygiene. Research interests and publications include behavioural interventions in hand hygiene, the cost effectiveness of routine MRSA screening, and the effectiveness of the national cleanyourhands campaign. Was secretary for the national guidelines on C Difficile prevention. Lead author of ORION statement for reporting infection control intervention studies and co-ordinator of group encouraging journals to use this and other reporting guidelines (CONSORT, PRISMA, STROBE, STROME-ID). A Spurs fan, thus ever hopeful.