BSAC Spring Conference

Reigniting the AMR agenda


HELD 10-11 MAY 2022

Professor Martha Clokie

Professor of Microbiology, University of Leicester

My research focuses on identifying, characterising and developing bacteriophages (viruses) that target and kill bacterial pathogens of medical relevance with the view to identifying novel antimicrobials. I have published over 60 papers on the fundamental and applied aspects of bacteriophages and held research grants from most UK research councils. I obtained a BSc in Biology from Dundee University in 1996 an MSc from Edinburgh University in 1997, and a PhD from Leicester in Molecular Ecology in 2001. After 6 years of Post-Doctoral research at Warwick and in Scripps, San Diego I was appointed as a lecturer at Leicester, in 2011 a Reader and in 2016 I was promoted to Professor of Microbiology.